Data Center Air Conditioning

Data Center Air Conditioning: We understand data centers are the heart of many company operations. Our team is specially trained in all aspects of computer room air conditioning and server rack cooling.

As technology advances in the data center market, outdated HVAC systems are unable to keep up with the demands imposed upon them. Blume Mechanical Service can help as we pride ourselves on staying current with the latest trends in cooling these ever evolving environments.

Critical to Your Success

Proper management of a building’s data center environment is critical to the success of the business that operates it. Estimating data center power, cooling, and UPS requirements for the present and future is an important first step in data center planning and budgeting. To ensure that estimates are realistic, IT should seek professional expertise from specialized architects and engineers in each area for confirmation.

Blume Mechanical Service has an experienced staff of specially trained HVAC technicians that understand all aspects of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) and server rack cooling. By identifying the heat load of your computer data center, our team can design and install, or repair and upgrade, a variety of CRAC systems. It is crucial to consider the current and future power requirements, size and location before either purchasing a new system or upgrading an existing system. The heat load depends on a number of factors that must be considered for an accurate measurement. By understanding the information and calculations involved in estimating cooling requirements, IT can ensure that the data center renovation project defines enough cooling to protect the data center’s contents and support both current and future needs.

If you’re an IT exec, architect, or engineer that requires a qualified HVAC team to assist in installing and/or upgrading a data center cooling system in Tampa Bay and surrounding Cities, please contact our team today to find about our special computer data center installation and upgrade services.

Going Green?

Our team has extensive experience with LEED projects, including office buildings and biomedical laboratories. In design/build and design/assist roles, we provide pre-construction support to help owners and decision-makers optimize, plan and successfully execute outstanding projects. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

The Blume Advantage

We bring talent, education and technology together to provide the most comprehensive approach to improving the energy and environmental performance in buildings. Commercial property owners and managers who trust our team enjoy predictable maintenance expenses—while avoiding the sting of frequent repair bills.

  • No-cost estimates for new systems and system retrofits.
  • Full-service expertise from factory trained, NATE-certified technicians.
  • 24 Hour Same Day Response. Fast turnaround time on repair and maintenance requests.
  • Repair, installation and retrofit of all HVAC makes and models.
  • Competitive pricing on energy-efficient, best-in-class product lines.